When the time has come to downsize

December 08 2018

House purchases are more often than not sparked by life changes – perhaps a new baby, a promotion, or an impending retirement. Whilst the majority of people want to climb up the housing ladder, there comes a time when stepping back a couple of rungs makes more sense, particularly if it ensures that your home becomes a reflection of your future aspirations.

Downsizing your home can mean upgrading your lifestyle, with more funds available for holidays or perhaps to fulfill a lifetime ambition.


Do photos and floorplans help to sell a property?

November 03 2018

Photos and floorplans have long been an essential element in any property listing and still to this day they remain and essential tool in property marketing.

When buyers are browsing the web trying to find their dream property, they expect to see a floorplan, and research has shown that 81% of people believe a floor plan is essential when looking for a new property.

What benefits do a floor plan photos bring to a property listing?

  • A floorplan helps to present the property in its full potential.
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Conveyancing fees will become more transparent

October 08 2018

Law firms must now publish details on the cost of their services to make it easier for consumers to shop around and find the best deal.

From 6th December 2018, regulated law firms must list on their websites the total cost of their services, the basis of the charges, and the services included in the price at key stages, as well as any likely addition costs (such as VAT).

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7 Steps To Exchange

Offering Part Exchange to your buyers through The PX Partnership couldn't be easier.
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