Property Part Exchange

All of the benefits, none of the risk.

Part Exchange has always been the fastest and easiest way for builders and developers to sell new homes. In the past, part exchange has been the realm of the larger national house builders as they had the means and resource to offer such a service, however that is no longer so. Now, every new homes builder can offer their buyers the same service.

The PX Partnership provide a professional and effective Part Exchange service to house builders and developers throughout England and Wales, whether they are a national developer selling hundreds of properties a month or a small local developer building just a few homes each year.

Our flexible Part Exchange scheme allows builders who don’t offer Part Exchange the chance to do so, but it can also enhance a developers own in-house scheme, providing extra scope to consider additional properties and giving greater spending power when required.

Builders who operate their own part exchange scheme can be restricted by the type, location, age, or price of a property they can consider, however we are not bound by the same restrictions. Our Part Exchange scheme offers builders complete flexibility, and importantly price differential no longer matters.

We can consider most types of residential property throughout England and Wales regardless of whether the property has a higher, lower or similar value to the one you are selling.

We purchase your buyers property directly, meaning you achieve a guaranteed, quick and easy sale of your plot, without risk and without having to use any of your own funds.