Frequently Asked Questions

There are many benefits of using The PX Partnerships Part Exchange Scheme, whether you currently offer your own scheme or not...

Q. Will you look at properties anywhere in the country?

A. We can consider properties anywhere in England and Wales.

Q. Do you consider properties of any value?

A. We have no minimum price restriction and will consider properties valued up to £500,000.

Q. What types of property will you consider?

A. We can consider most types of residential properties so long as they are mortgageable, saleable and have a ready demand.

Q. How quickly can you buy properties?

A. Timescales usually coincide with completion of the new home or the date you agree with your buyer, however we can complete a purchase within 48 hours if required.

Q. How much do you pay for properties?

A. Every case is individual and we pay the best price possible based upon the nature and saleability of each property.

Q. Does the property I'm selling have to be worth more than my buyer’s home?

A. No. we can consider properties of a higher, lower or similar value to the one they are buying.

Q. What does it cost to use your Part Exchange Scheme?

A. It doesn’t cost you anything to use our scheme. We don’t charge any fees to make an offer or take a property in part exchange.

Q. Does my buyer still have to pay Estate Agents fees if they Part Exchange?

A. No. We pay the estate agents fees when they sell the property on for us.

Q. Can I still offer Part Exchange if the new home is not ready yet?

A. Yes, however we need to complete the purchase of the part exchange property within 3 months of confirming our offer.

Q. Do you need an Energy Performance Certificate?

A. No. If the home is not on the market, we do not require the seller to provide an EPC.

Q. Do I need to provide you with a minimum number of properties to use your scheme?

A. No, you are free to use our scheme as and when you need to.

Q. What do you do with the properties you buy-in?

A. We remarket the part exchange property from the point the confirmed offer has been accepted by your purchaser.

Q. Do you offer a Chain Breaking service as well as Part Exchange?

A. Yes we do. Sometimes if an agreement cannot be reached on your buyer’s property we can consider buying-in a property further down the chain.