How Part Exchange Works

Offering Part Exchange to your buyers using The PX Partnerships scheme is easy. We don’t charge any fees to take a property in part exchange and we don’t tie you in to any agreements – our no obligation schemes are simple, straightforward and designed to help you sell more new homes.

Our income is derived from the difference between how much we pay for a property and what it sells for. The risk is entirely ours. Therefore it doesn’t cost you anything to use our scheme other than what you choose to put into the deal to achieve a sale.

Typically the process works as follows:

Step 1

Complete our Part Exchange application form with details of your buyer’s property.

Step 2

The PX Partnership arrange valuations of the part exchange property from local estate agents.

Step 3

When the valuations are received, we assess the information including comparable evidence, and local market conditions.

Step 4

An offer is made to you, subject to survey and contract.

Step 5

You present the offer to your buyer – this enables you to retain the continuity and relationship with your client and it gives you the opportunity to put together a bespoke package to suit your buyer’s individual needs that enables them to purchase your new home.

Step 6

If the offer is accepted, The PX Partnership instructs a RICS survey on the property in order to confirm the offer. (If the offer is declined, the file is closed).

Step 7

Once this is done, solicitors are instructed and we proceed to exchange and completion in line with timescales you agree with your buyer.

The PX Partnership are now entirely responsible for the onward sale of the part exchange property regardless of how long it takes to sell and how much it eventually sells for, providing you and your purchaser with a fast and trouble free sale.