Do photos and floorplans help to sell a property?

November 03 2018

Photos and floorplans have long been an essential element in any property listing and still to this day they remain and essential tool in property marketing.

When buyers are browsing the web trying to find their dream property, they expect to see a floorplan, and research has shown that 81% of people believe a floor plan is essential when looking for a new property.

What benefits do a floor plan photos bring to a property listing?

  • A floorplan helps to present the property in its full potential.

Whilst photos are great, people can often be distracted by dodgy wallpaper or questionably coloured carpets. A floorplan simply details the structure of the building, the space there is to work with, and the potential the house has.

  • Great photos help to maximise interest in the property.

When potential buyers are scrolling through endless properties on estate agent websites, it takes something special to stand out and spark their interest. The search for the dream home can often take some time, so if a stunning, stand-out photograph catches their eye, buyers are more likely to take a look at the extended listing details.

  • High quality floor plans and photos ensure brand consistency

Every estate agent has a brand which extends much further than the logo and website design. Every property listing is, in effect, a marketing material and so they should all follow the same layout and contain the same content. High quality photos and detailed floorplans are both essential sales tools to be included in all property brochures.

Why don’t all property listings include good photography and detailed floor plans?

We have highlighted the best approach, but sometimes it’s not always possible to gather all the property information in the given timescales. Estate agents might not have the correct equipment (such as a high quality camera, for example), there might have been bad weather/lighting resulting in poor quality imagery, or perhaps there was just poor communication between the estate agent and current homeowner.

So in brief, yes. High quality photos and detailed floor plans really can help to sell a property.

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