What benefits does offering Part Exchange bring?

Guaranteed sales

No risk of a sale falling through helps you meet targets and accurately forecast sales.

Quick completions

We can proceed quickly to completion to meet financial targets and deadlines

No Risk

As we buy the Part Exchange Property, you avoid all risk and costs involved with buying, owning and selling your buyers home.

No Fees

We do not charge any fees to take a property in Part Exchange, We make our money simply from the difference between how much we pay for a property and what it sells for.

No Funding Required

We purchase your buyers property directly meaning you don’t tie up your own funds in Part Exchange stock.

No Cost or Obligation

There is no cost to you or your buyer to receive a part exchange offer, and no obligation to accept any offer we make.

No Price Differential

We can buy in properties whether they have a higher, lower or similar value to the one you are selling.

Flexible Criteria

We can consider most types of residential property throughout England and Wales including flats, bungalows and ex-local authority properties.

Speed Up Sales

No need to wait for a dependent buyer to sell their property, we can make them an offer quickly to give you a proceedable buyer straight away.

Fixed offer price

Once the survey has been carried out the price is fixed, therefore avoiding last minute renegotiations.

Attract more buyers

Advertising 'Part Exchange Available' will bring more buyers to your sites and enable you to compete with other developers who offer their own scheme or give you the advantage over those who don't.

No Chains

There is no cost to you or your buyer to receive a part exchange offer, and no obligation to accept any offer we make.

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No Estate Agent Fees

As we buy direct from your buyer there are usually no Estate Agents fees to pay, saving your buyer money and adding value to the Part Exchange deal.

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7 Steps To Exchange

Offering Part Exchange to your buyers through The PX Partnership couldn't be easier.
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Marketing & Promotional Material

We can supply a range of promotional marketing materials to help attract more visitors to your developments.
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