When the time has come to downsize

December 08 2018

House purchases are more often than not sparked by life changes – perhaps a new baby, a promotion, or an impending retirement. Whilst the majority of people want to climb up the housing ladder, there comes a time when stepping back a couple of rungs makes more sense, particularly if it ensures that your home becomes a reflection of your future aspirations.

Downsizing your home can mean upgrading your lifestyle, with more funds available for holidays or perhaps to fulfill a lifetime ambition.

Alternatively, you could purchase a smaller house worth the same value as your current property, but in a more desirable location. A smaller home doesn’t have to be a compromise, particularly when you are retiring; with many developers building stunning, spacious and modern retirement homes in prime locations.

Downsizing requires a positive mindset. Rather than think of moving to your ‘retirement’ home, it’s important to focus on the new possibilities ahead. Plan ahead, have a good clear out and get ready for the next adventure!

The PX Partnership are the number 1 part exchange provider in the UK. Our part exchange service makes downsizing a simple, low-stress and straightforward process. The certainty of a guaranteed sale avoids the delays of incomplete chains, provides security and offers peace of mind to both the housebuilder, and their buyers.


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